Raimi Simone

Mar 13

i wish all of life could be one of those weird sublime moments that i can’t describe, i’ve written some down, like looking at streetlamps reflected on the window pane in remington 2 am, kitchen embrace interrupted- no eye contact open the freezer fleeting image of a fish skeleton compresses this memory because it’s too big, chewing bubblegum in mt. vernon park listening to bjork before class

life is not all like that but i wish it was and i’m going to try really hard to make it that way, or at least have it weave in and out of those hyperaware moments and a trancelike state that usually happens when i’m making art or really absorbed in an essay i’m writing or a book i’m reading.

i hope to fill this summer with pictures and paintings and embroidery over stains, embroidery over stains is actually a nice ideal for my entire life, they play each other up nicely

i promise to spend lots of time outside even if its gross out and to love my friends extra before we all part.  and to get ready to step into my new grown up shoes that will be waiting for me in august- living in a real house without my parents buying my own food and living my own life. i’m so excited:)

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